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Historically, the sport undertaken by female golf players has usually been described as “Ladies Golf”. However, most female sports these days are described as women’s sports and the terms “Women’s Golf”, or more usually "Womens Golf", are more in tune with our times than "Ladies' Golf" or "Ladies Golf". But both terms are still in common use on the internet, although both terms are commonly used without apostrophes: ladies golf and womens golf!

In fact, Newtonmore Golf Club has always had a distinctive female friendly inclination and strongly encourages women golf visitors and in particular welcomes applications from women and girls for membership of the club. The club, which has a very active ladies golf section, is determined to make women golf members feel comfortable and totally at ease both in the clubhouse and on the course.

According to Nancy Berkley, doyenne of womens golf in the USA, studies of the attitudes of golfers have found that ‘for both genders, golf is primarily a social activity’ and that ‘men and women weren’t all that different in valuing the game mostly as a relaxing pursuit’. She has further observed that  ‘for men the socialising is built around the game itself, whereas for women, the game functions more as an adjunct role’ … ‘It’s a fun thing to do while hanging out with your friends’.

In addition to enjoying the camaraderie and fun of the game, there are many other ways that women can gain enjoyment and benefit from joining Newtonmore Golf Club:

  • Sharing a common interest and making new friends
  • Having quality time with friends and family
  • Using the clubhouse to meet friends, have lunch …
  • Feeling fit, well exercised, relaxed, contented …
  • Having a sport for a lifetime
  • Playing socially or competitively or both – you choose
  • Participating in womens golf competitions, gaining experience, developing skills
  • Playing other courses at preferential green fees

Surveys of women golfers in the USA do however identify a number of aspects of the game which may at times reduce womens enjoyment or impede their progress with the game:

  • need for support in the early stages of learning
  • finding other women to team up with for a game
  • the length of time it takes to complete 18 holes

Undoubtedly, women are busy people with a highly developed sense of time and value. The club’s mission is to address these issues in such manner that our ladies golf group continues to thrive and grow, and that the club’s reputation as a women friendly golf club is sustained.

Mentors for Golf Beginners. There’s quite a lot to learn about the game and its rules and rituals before a new golfer may feel sufficiently confident to play the course. Mentors can provide encouragement, fill gaps in knowledge of the game, and accompany a beginner on her early ventures onto the course.

Ladies Golf Competitions and Social Events. Ladies golf competitions provide ideal conditions for bringing women golfers together in circumstances of shared interest and experience which encourage development of friendship, mutual support and team building.  

Course Design. At 5210 yards from the ladies tees, and with mostly level walking, our course is playable with comfort and enjoyment by both average and good women golfers.

Nine Hole Golf. Problem is, even at 5210 yards, eighteen holes of golf can take 3.5 to 4 hours or more to complete. But there is no obligation for any golfer to play a full round. Playing 9 or 12 holes has definite appeal for women whose time is limited by work and family commitments.

Membership Fees. Our membership fees for ladies and girls golf are very reasonable and compare well with costs of golf club membership elsewhere in Speyside, Spey Valley, the Scottish Highlands, Inverness, or with golf fees in the Cairngorms National Park. Golf membership fees can be paid annually, or by payment plan.

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