Council of Management | Newtonmore Golf Club

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Council of Management

  • Captain:          Roy Alexander
  • Vice-Capt:       Sue Phillips
  • Lady Captain:  Colena Robertson & Jenny Graham   


Caro Munro Sue Phillips
Arthur Norton Laurie Skuodas
Mark Pringle Robert Sellar
Derek Chisholm Martin Suen (co-opted)
Marcus Wilde  

Sub Committees

Greens Match/Handicap House
Graeme Spinks Laurie Skuodas Roy Alexander
Sue Phillips Caro Munro Graeme Spinks
Robert Sellar Arthur Norton Mark Pringle
Derek Chisholm Marcus Wilde  Martin Suen


Robert Sellar 


Should members wish to contact any of the above please do so through the club office - all views and opinions are welcome.